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Teaching for Transformation, Part 2: The Mind

Continuing with the theme defining what true biblical transformation looks like, we examine the second aspect of transformation, the mind. Romans 12:2 says a person is transformed by the renewing of their mind.  The Greek word for transformed here comes from the same Greek word we get the English word "metamorphosis" from.  It means to "change into another form" or to "transfigure".  It is the same Greek word Matthew used in Matthew 17 to describe the transfiguration of Jesus on the mount before Peter, John, and James. So to be transformed by the renewing of your mind means to display in your thinking the change redemption has brought about in you.  According to Romans 12:2, how does this take place? It takes place through consistent meditation on and study of God's word.  It is the work of the Holy Spirit in the minds of God's people as they hear God's word taught, study it themselves, and meditate on it. The renewed mind is submitted to a

Teaching for Transformation, Part 1: The Affections

As I have said before, the main purpose of any small group or Sunday school class is transformation.  To see the hearts and minds of our people renewed and transformed by the power of God is the ultimate goal.  As a teacher or leader, you should earnestly desire this for your class.  This is why God called you and gave you the gift of teaching; so that you may clearly teach His word to His people and that they might be transformed into the image of His Son. But what does this transformation look like?  What are the evidences of transformation in our people?  I believe this transformation primarily takes place in 3 areas of our peoples lives: their affections, their thinking (mind), and their actions.  All of these work together and influence each other.  So in part 1 of a 3 part post, we will discuss the affections. What are the affections? Many  might hear that word and think just about our emotions or feelings.  While our affections are emotions and feelings, it is not just that.

The Hard Work of Application

According to Rick Warren in his book Bible Study Methods , "Bible study without personal application can be just an academic exercise with  no spiritual value".  It is a simple but true statement that the Bible is meant to be applied.  The eternal word of God is given to us so that we might know God and follow Him.  It is meant to have meaning for us today, and it is meant to be lived out.  We are to be doers not just hearers.  This means that application is an important component of your lesson preparation and your teaching. I offer here four realities of biblical application for you to consider as you prepare to teach your class. 1.  Application and Understanding Always Go Together It should go without saying that you can't apply the text until you know what it means. We are to rightly divide the truth.  This means we must spend time reading and re-reading the passage, we must pray over it, we must think on it.  Once you have done this, then you are ready for appl