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3 Old Testament Realities About Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us, and many of you who teach Sunday school may be spending a little bit of time reflecting on thankfulness with your people before seeing them off to a week of family, fellowship, and turkey (and all the fixins' that come with). Doing word studies from Scripture is one of my favorite things to do as a teacher.  I hope this one may help you as you hopefully take a few minutes in class this Sunday to express thankfulness to the Lord. Towdah .  That is the Hebrew word often translated as "thanks" or "thanksgiving" in the Old Testament.  In the King James translation, the Hebrew word towdah is used 32 times.  24 of those times the word is translated as "thanksgiving", "thanks offering", or as just "thanks".  The other 8 times it is translated as either "praise" (6 times) or "confession" (2 times).  What is interesting about this is if you look at the passages that have the word, I