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The Power of Transparency

Being a leader and being front and center of a group comes with risks.  One of those risks that I believe Sunday school and small group leaders must take is transparency.  Transparency is a risk because it makes us vulnerable.  When you willingly open up to a group about your struggles, whether personal or spiritual, you risk exposure.  It's why many group leaders consider transparency a risk they aren't willing to take. The truth is that none of us have it all together.  Transparency makes following Christ look real.  When we share our struggles and how God has graciously worked in our lives to conform us to the image of Christ, it makes it easier for others in the class to do so.  As class and group leaders, you can lead the way in making your group a more open and transparent group.  When you do that, I believe your group will be stronger in 3 ways as a result. 1. A Spiritual Force Satan is a deceiver.  And one of his greatest tactics is getting believers to think tha