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Don't Be a Demas: Rejecting Love for the World

The story of the Bible is a story of grace.  It's about how a God who is holy, just, and good created a universe to reflect His glory, and then he created people to be His image-bearers and rulers on the earth He created.  It's about how they rebelled against Him and fell under the curse of sin and death which separated them from the God who made them.  It's ultimately about how God, in eternity past, set his affections on His people to do everything needed, namely send His Son, Jesus, as a substitutionary sacrifice, to bring them back to Him. Grace is a major theme of that story. In the midst of the unfolding of the drama of grace, there are also warnings along the way.  Warnings God gave to his people so that they might not stumble, and so that they might know and be assured that they are in Him.  Warnings in Scripture are intended to do two things.  First, they are intended to spur believers on to pursue holiness and spread the gospel of grace and forgiveness in Jesus