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3 Ways to Identify and Confront False Teaching

      False teaching about Jesus and false gospels have been around since the dawn of Christianity in the 1st century.  It was a major part of the ministry of the Apostles.  Along with laying the theological foundations of the faith and exhorting the church to walk in obedience to the gospel, the Apostles had to help the early church identify and combat false teaching.  Some of the early church heresies were gnosticism,  the thought and practice especially of various cults of late pre-Christian and early Christian centuries distinguished by the conviction that matter is evil and that emancipation comes through  gnosis (knowledge).  The gnostics denied or minimized the humanity of Christ.  There was also Arianism which was    an influential heresy denying the divinity of Christ, originating with the Alexandrian priest Arius (  c. 250–  c.  336). Arianism maintained that the Son of God was created by the Father and was therefore neither coeternal with the Father, nor consubstantia l (o

Teaching Your People to Pray Corporately

I am convinced that if there is one discipline Satan would prefer we as Christians forget to do it is prayer.  I have found myself many times pouring over a text of Scripture or diving into a book or commentary in preparation for a lesson or sermon when it suddenly hits me that I have not taken the time to pray.  Pray that my mind be opened to the truth of God's word.  Pray that people's hearts be transformed by the power of His word.  Ultimately pray that God would use me to bring glory to his name. As much as prayer may be neglected in our private devotion, it is also neglected corporately.  Not just in our worship services but in our Sunday school or small group classes as well.  We often only devote a time for prayer either at the beginning of the lesson or at the end.  I would dare say that most classes that meet for at least an hour may devote approximately 3-5 minutes of that time to prayer.  Not prayer requests but actual prayer. (we all know that prayer request time