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3 Circles Session 1 Follow-UP

For those of you who have chosen to use this time away from our regular gatherings to learn 3 Circles, I hope you were blessed by session 1.  Jimmy Scroggins, the facilitator in the video, is pastor of Family Church, an SBC church in West Palm Beach, FL.  He mentions 3 things in particular in the session 1 video that we need to focus on and be passionate about as believers. 1. We must be passionate about reaching those far from God.  The lost are all around us, and they are all over the world.  What I love about 3 Circles is that it is a tool you can use to share the gospel with your neighbor, and it is just as effective in the remotest parts of the world sharing the gospel with those who have never heard of Jesus.  The 3 Circles is just a tool. I pray that God would give us a heart to reach those far from Him with the Good News. 2. We must devote time to focused prayer.  All of us have prayer time, hopefully, in our groups each time we meet.  We pray for many things: jobs, sicknes

3 Circles Training Videos and Study Guide

Dear FBC Dickson Adult SS Leaders, Covid-19 has changed the way the church has to do a lot of things during this time.  This includes the way we do Sunday school and small groups.  Since our church is in a season of emphasizing one-on-one evangelism, I thought this would be a great time to post an online study we can all do together.  This is a 6 session training series on The 3 Circles evangelism.  This is the way we are currently training all FBC Dickson missionaries to share the gospel.  We do not know how long we will not be able to meet, but I wanted to go ahead and make all the videos available to you.  Each week, I will make a post regarding that previous Sunday's video and lesson.  Below you will see a link to each video along with a link to the study guide.  We obviously can't meet, so some components of the study guide will be irrelevant, but I hope at least this can help you understand 3 Circles and how to use it.  You will also see some assignments in the guide, a