3 Circles Session 1 Follow-UP

For those of you who have chosen to use this time away from our regular gatherings to learn 3 Circles, I hope you were blessed by session 1.  Jimmy Scroggins, the facilitator in the video, is pastor of Family Church, an SBC church in West Palm Beach, FL.  He mentions 3 things in particular in the session 1 video that we need to focus on and be passionate about as believers.

1. We must be passionate about reaching those far from God.  The lost are all around us, and they are all over the world.  What I love about 3 Circles is that it is a tool you can use to share the gospel with your neighbor, and it is just as effective in the remotest parts of the world sharing the gospel with those who have never heard of Jesus.  The 3 Circles is just a tool. I pray that God would give us a heart to reach those far from Him with the Good News.

2. We must devote time to focused prayer.  All of us have prayer time, hopefully, in our groups each time we meet.  We pray for many things: jobs, sickness, travel, etc.  What Scroggins recommends is that you personally and as a Sunday school group have "focused" prayer for the lost each week as you meet together.  Focused prayer allows us to set our minds and hearts directly on the lost.  Just think about how God can use a small group of his people to reach the lost if they start pouring their heart out to him for the lost by name.

3. We must focus on taking everyday conversations with the lost and turning them towards gospel conversations.  This is what 3 Circles can help with.  We often talk with the lost about anything but Jesus.  We talk about the weather, sports, our kids and grand kids, or politics.  But we never seem to be able or willing to turn that conversation towards Jesus. 3 Circles is very versatile.  You can write it on a napkin or piece of paper. You can draw it in the dirt with a stick.  You can download the app and share it on your phone.  It's so easy to use, and can easily help us take an everyday conversations and transition them to gospel conversations

Action Points:

So what can we do this week?

1. Find someone to practice 3 circles with.  Repetition is key to learning 3 Circles and doing it without thinking.

2. Begin to pray for 1 lost person in your life.  Who is is?  Call their name out to God.

3. Begin asking God in prayer to develop in you a heart for the lost

What thoughts or questions did you have about Session 1?  Leave them in the comments below


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