3 Circles Session 2- The Gospel Follow-Up

Last week's lesson was an overview of 3 Circles.  This week Scroggins dialed in on the "Gospel" circle.  Many people when asked what is the gospel would give an incomplete answer.  Scroggins in this video shared a story about preaching in the markets of the Phillipines as a young grad student.  He was confident in his ability to share the gospel.  But he was reminded by a mentor that in preaching the gospel to the people of the Phillipines that afternoon he had left out a very crucial part, the resurrection.

Scroggins reminds us that we must share the whole gospel.  He mentions that there are three components you absolutely can't leave out when sharing the gospel: the death, burial, and the resurrection of Jesus.  There are many ways you can share the gospel, and many passages of Scripture that can help, but it is not the full gospel without including the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.  He shows in this video a very effective way of sharing the gospel. 

This week I would encourage you to practice with someone sharing the Gospel Circle.  Scroggins says that practice and repetition over time helps us tell the gospel accurately and effectively.  So this week, focus on the Gospel, and practice telling the good news.

Action Steps:

1. Who can you practice sharing the gospel with this week?
2. Focus on telling the gospel including the 3 key pieces: death, burial, and resurrection
3. In sharing the gospel, practice inserting your own testimony into the presentation.


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