3 Circles Session 3: Transition to the Gospel- Follow Up

Last week we focused on the Gospel circle.  We learned that the 3 main components of the gospel the must be shared is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.  This week we learn how to have a well-planned transition to the Gospel. 

Before getting to transitions, Scroggins says that the 3 Circles works best when two things happen

1. We make it a point to build relationships with far from God people.  Yes, you can and should share the gospel with strangers, but more often than not sharing with someone you have built a relationship with will have better results.  So we are challenged to pray for and seek out relationships with far from God people.

2. 3 Circles works best when someone who is far from God shares a problem, issue, or concern with you.  The door to transition to the Gospel is wide open when someone you have built a relationship with shares their burdens and concerns with you.

Scroggins says that the brokenness of the world gives us opportunities to transition to the gospel.  We are reconcilers.  He says "God has fixed us to be fixers".  God gave us the ministry of reconciliation.  We are all called to go after far from God people, meet them in their brokenness, and transition everyday conversations into Gospel conversations so that they might hear the gospel, believe, and be reconciled to God.

He mentions 3 diagnostic questions we must all consider
1. How much do you desire to share the gospel?
2. How confident are you in  your ability to communicate the gospel?
3. How often do you actually share the gospel?

These are diagnostic because they help us assess whether we have a desire problem, a confidence problem, or an opportunity problem?  Which is it for you?

Finally, Scroggins gives us an example of a well-planned transition statement.  When someone far from God shares a burden with you (mourning a death, struggling in parenting a teen, financial or work related problems) you can transition the conversation to the gospel by saying, "I haven't been through that exact thing, but I have been through something similar.  Can I share with you how I dealt with it?".  This then opens the door for the gospel.

Action steps this week:

1.  Ask yourself the diagnostic questions and assess where your main problem lies in communicating the gospel

2. Develop a few transition statements like the one above and continue to practice the 3 Circles

3.  Pray for an opportunity to build a relationship with a person far from God, and also pray for an opportunity to transition the conversation to the Gospel.

What were your thoughts about video 3?  Leave your comments below.


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