3 Circles Session 4: The Invitation- Follow Up

Over the last 3 videos, we have been working through what Scroggins calls T-G-I: Transition, Gospel, and Invitation.  This weeks part is over how to issue a gospel invitation.  It only makes sense that once you share the gospel with someone you would then want to invite them to believe it, confess it, and repent.  He says we don't want to just pass along gospel information, but we also want to issue a gospel invitation. 

This is part of our mission.  In 2 Corinthians 5:18-20, the Apostle Paul says that we, as believers, have been give the ministry of reconciliation.  God has committed to us this ministry.  We are his ambassadors thought which God is making the appeal to all to become reconciled to Himself.  What a blessing that is.  Every time we share the gospel, we are fulfilling this ministry given to us.  We are calling people to trust Christ and be reconciled to God.  Sharing the gospel is so much more than passing along information.  It is being an obedient ambassador with the most urgent and wonderful message ever told. Scroggins says we are not responsible for the response to the invitation, but we must be faithful in inviting people to be reconciled through Christ.

Scroggins says the invitation has 2 steps:
1. Inviting the person to identify which circle, design or brokenness, they belong in.  Most everyone will choose brokenness.  Even unbelievers recognize this world isn't as it should be and that we and the world are broken

2. Once they identify with brokenness, you ask "Is there anything keeping you from repenting and believing the gospel right now?"  This is a clear invitation.  It's like inviting the starving to a feast. 

At this point if a person says nothing, he recommends walking them through a simple, but theologically accurate, prayer of confession and repentance.  Nothing about the words of the prayer saves a person, but it does help a person articulate a decision they have made in their heart. 

This weeks session is a reminder that we are constantly on mission.  We are ambassadors with the message of reconciliation.  We should live that truth, and invite those far from God to be reconciled.

Action Steps:

- Continue practicing the 3 Circles and include now the invitation.
- Look for and pray for an opportunity to share the gospel with someone you know who is far from God
- Read 2 Corinthians 5:16-21, and try to memorize verse 20.


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